Habitat Connectivity Index

NatureScot have developed a habitat connectivity index for the CSGN which will measure functional connectivity.  The metric used to calculate it is the Equivalent Connected Area (Probability of Connectivity).  

The index is a value that allows us to see change over time in a given region.  Its calculation has considered the habitat area, the size and number of patches of habitat, how the habitat patches are arranged in the area under consideration, and the effect the different elements of the landscape has on species movements between habitat patches.

The habitat connectivity has been shown as a percentage of the total habitat area as this allows a rapid visual comparison of the degree of connectivity in relation to the amount of habitat present.

Users can look at the connectivity value for semi-natural grassland, woodland and heathland for each of the constituent local authorities as well as view an overall figure for the whole of the CSGN area.

The tool will be useful for measuring connectivity across the CSGN and for being able to target area of work in terms of habitat restoration and the development of nature networks.

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