Managing access and recreation

Everyone has rights of responsible access to most land in Scotland, and the benefits of outdoor recreation are widely promoted.

Land managers must manage land in Scotland responsibly in regard to access. Read about how you must take account of access rights in Scotland and find advice on access management to help you put this into practice.

Our own work on recreation focuses on the vision that all of Scotland’s people should share the benefits of enjoying the outdoors. Enjoying the outdoors, one of our four policy guidance documents on recreation, sets out how we encourage more people to participate.

Some people in Scotland face barriers to enjoying the outdoors. We work hard to understand these barriers and design targeted outreach projects to increase participation. We also partner with the health sector to promote outdoor activity and contact with nature as ways to improve Scotland’s health.

Inspiring people to enjoy, understand and look after Scotland’s outdoors is vital to the long-term future of the natural environment. So raising awareness of the outdoors is another aspect of our work.

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