Placemaking and Green Infrastructure

Find out how nature can help create better and more resilient places.

Placemaking is a creative, collaborative and place-based approach in the designing and development of the urban and rural built environment. It focuses on the components of a place that come together to meet people's needs. The range of essential services that nature provides are now widely recognised and valued as an essential component of successful places. By incorporating nature through green and blue infrastructure, places become more sustainable and resilient to the effects of climate change, as well as being safer, more pleasant places for people to be.

Green infrastructure is what brings our towns, cities and communities alive and makes them great places to live in. It is a term used for vegetated areas such as parks, street trees and green roofs, that deliver a wide range of benefits for people and nature.

Through placemaking and green infrastructure we support the planning, design, delivery and good management of successful places where everyone can

Benefit more from nature:

Nature provides opportunities for recreation, outdoor play and learning. It can contribute to regional and local distinctiveness and make a place more attractive for residents, visitors and potential investors. Green infrastructure can help prevent flooding, mitigate air and noise pollution and provide habitat for wildlife. In a climate emergency, nature-rich places can help mitigate the worst impacts.

Connect with nature and lead healthier lives:

Places with accessible and good quality greenspaces and active travel networks provide opportunities for physical activity, social interaction and a space to unwind and relax. Research shows that taking part in nature-based activities improves mental health and wellbeing.

Contribute to looking after nature:

Communities that have a sense of ownership of natural spaces and are empowered to make decisions about how they are managed, are more likely to champion nature and the contribution it makes to our lives.

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