A nature-rich future for Scotland    

These are part of what makes Scotland special and are among the country's greatest assets.

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Don't allow your dog to approach animals or people uninvited. Don't linger if wildlife is disturbed by your presence.

Be a responsible dog walker

When an animal flies or runs away from you, it uses valuable energy and could get injured. It may also abandon a nest or young.

Keep your distance and have your dog close to you or on a lead to avoid this.

Get tips on responsible dog walking and find out more about the Scottish Outdoor Access code.

The ReRoute panel with SNH staff ©Young Scot

Youth Engagement Action Plan

Find out how NatureScot is working with young people to connect with nature. 

You can also read one of our blogs 'Sole Sisters'. An outdoor adventure group that allows a space for Scottish Muslim girls and women to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves in the outdoors.