Working and Volunteering with us

Discover what it means to work with NatureScot, as part of our team or a member of the public.

NatureScot is Scotland’s Nature Agency for advising Ministers on matters relating to the natural heritage. The natural environment is a key asset that underpins Scotland’s wealth, health and quality of life. Our job is to conserve this resource, to promote its sustainable management and to encourage people to access and enjoy it responsibly.

NatureScot promotes, cares for and improves Scotland’s natural heritage. We enable a greater awareness of nature and help people to enjoy nature responsibly.

The natural capital that surrounds us is one of Scotland’s greatest assets. And our dedicated and committed employees are ours. Every success we have towards securing the future of our nature and landscapes is down to our people.

NatureScot must successfully recruit, motivate, develop, train and retain the right people to work with us. Only by doing so can we deliver the best for the natural heritage.

Our future success as a trusted and highly respected organisation also depends wholly on the commitment and dedication of our people. 

NatureScot employs more than 700 staff in roles ranging from ecologist to economist and from area officer, land agent to landscape architects. We also employ Technology and Digital Services, Finance, Planning and Performance and People and Organisational Development Specialists, and finally general administrators to support our work throughout our offices.

Our employees are based in 23 offices across Scotland. But many spend much of their time working in the great outdoors that we seek to protect and promote. Each day is different, not least because of the many communities and varied stakeholders we work with.