Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) - 2021 Habitat Connectivity Map

We have developed a new habitat mapping tool which shows existing habitat patches across Central Scotland and predicts opportunity areas where these can be connected.  This tool uses more recent data than the older Integrated Habitat Network map, and includes the feature of identifying opportunity areas for connecting habitats.

The map shows habitat patches surrounded by part-way and maximum dispersal zones.  Maximum dispersal zones indicate the distance that an average species from the habitat can travel beyond the patch, over the particular land-cover that surrounds it.  The quarter or halfway dispersal zones take into account species with a shorter range than average.  For more on dispersal zones, please refer to the CSGN Habitat Connectivity Map user guide.  

The map layers can bedownloaded using the links in the Scottish Spatial Data Catalogue metadata document . It can also be viewed online at the CSGN Habitat Networks and Opportunity Areas for those without access to specific mapping software or any previous GIS expertise.

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CSGN Connectivity Map Webinar recording


Integrated Habitat Network Map

The Integrated Habitat Network (IHN) can be found on Scottish Environment Web. The map is available for free and without any specialist software or previous GIS expertise.  It covers the CSGN area, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and the Scottish Borders

Search the map by:

  • entering a place name or postcode
  • using the zoom and pan tools to navigate to an area
  • holding down the shift key and clicking on the map to make a box around an area of interest

You can also try out land management scenarios by drawing a shape on the map, assigning a land use and viewing the effects on existing habitats and networks.

You can download the GIS data for the IHN map using the links in the Scottish Spatial Data Catalogue metadata document. 

If you require further technical detail contact Isla Williams.

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