Our work

Scotland’s nature gives us so much. Our work helps to protect our natural assets and their many benefits.

NatureScot is Scotland’s nature agency with 30 years’ experience advising the Scottish Government.

Formally Scottish Natural Heritage, our organisation rebranded to NatureScot in August 2020.

Our work

Nature includes biodiversity, geodiversity and the natural elements of our landscapes and seascapes. It encompasses all the underpinning features and forces that have continued since the Earth was formed from summit to seabed including rocks, landforms, soils and processes like weather systems.

We work to enhance Scotland's nature and inspire the people of Scotland to care more about it.

Working towards Scotland’s ‘green recovery’ from Covid-19, we want to stimulate a revival that secures resilience through a nature-rich future for Scotland and an effective response to the climate emergency. This means that by 2030, Scotland will be recognised as a world leader in looking after and enhancing nature.

NatureScot believes that a nature-rich future, where everyone is involved, will make us all happier, healthier, wealthier and more equal.

A nature-rich future for all

We want our natural world to be at the heart of the nation’s well-being.  NatureScot will focus on a nature-rich future for all, tackling biodiversity loss and the climate emergency with large and small scale nature-based solutions. Read more from our corporate plan 2022-2026

Restoring and growing Scotland’s nature starts with us all. NatureScot will strengthen our understanding and connection to Scotland’s natural environment, focusing on the diversity of nature where we live, work, visit, heal and play. Our seasonal campaign Make Space for nature shows what you can do as an individual.

Working in partnership, these solutions must be bold, innovative, for everyone and built on sound science.

Find out more on what we are doing for Scotlands Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Our funding

Most of our funding comes from the Scottish Government’s Environment and Forestry Directorate as ‘grant in aid’.

Our success in caring for Scotland’s nature relies greatly on how we work with others across government. We also have joint working agreements and informal partnerships with a wide range of organisations.

Find out more on our Funding and Projects

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