Carbon management

We manage nature to store carbon, mainly through our peatlands work and also work hard to reduce our carbon emissions.

NatureScot is a visibly low carbon organisation. Taking action now to become greener ourselves lets us lead the way in working towards a Low Carbon Scotland, which will benefit Scotland’s nature and people.

Speeding up the rate of carbon sequestration in natural systems can help to mitigate the impacts of climate change in Scotland. Changing how we manage land can increase how much carbon is held in vegetation, soils and seabeds. This is something we can do now.

More than 20% of Scotland is covered by peat soil– and keeping our peatlands healthy is vital to tackling climate change. Scotland’s peatlands hold over half of our terrestrial carbon store. Restoring peat-forming habitat previously drained or damaged ensures that the bog remains a long-term carbon sink rather than a greenhouse gas source.

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