Funding and projects

Rural Funding and Support

Scotland's Natural Capital Programme -  stock farm

Farming with nature

The purpose of these pilots is to inform what future rural support outside of the Common Agricultural Policy might look like. 

Rural support could be developed to contribute to transformative land use change in Scotland, by restoring nature and reducing our country’s contribution to climate change. 

Mixed woodland and forestry near Pitlochry, Perthshire


Within Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP), the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS) promotes land management that protects and enhances Scotland's natural heritage, improves water quality, manages flood risk, and helps mitigate and adapt to climate change; public access projects have also been funded. SRDP also includes the Forestry Grant Scheme.

Orchids growing at Weem meadow SSSI near Aberfeldy.

Management Agreements

A management agreement involves NatureScot making payments to a land manager in return for an agreed programme of work. We typically offer management agreements for Natura sites and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Wildlife Management

Adult White tailed eagle flying over farms

Sea Eagle Management Scheme

The Sea Eagle Management Scheme extends support for livestock farmers and crofters who suffer impacts across the sea eagle breeding range. 

Barnacle geese on grassland.

Goose Management Schemes

NatureScot provides funding and administrative support to the schemes and pilots. Each initiative has been developed by a local goose management group, which is chaired by the Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate.


A close up of machair, or fertile low-lying grassy plain

Species on the Edge (SotE)

Species on the Edge is a partnership of NatureScot and seven nature conservation charities. We are working in partnership to deliver a new programme of work to benefit around 37 of our most vulnerable species.

We work with communities, local initiatives and land managers to tackle species recovery work.

Scottish Invasive Species Initiative

(SISI) is an exciting 4-year partnership project tackling invasive non-native species alongside rivers and water courses in northern Scotland.  We are funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, NatureScot and through in-kind support from project partners and volunteers - the total project value is some £3.24M.

All funding and projects listed below are now closed