Beavers in Scotland and other reports

This report to Ministers summarised our knowledge of beavers and offered four scenarios for beavers in Scotland.

On 21 September 2022, a national strategy was published that covers the period of 2022-2045 to identify and expand the beaver population to new catchments alongside appropriate management and mitigation.

Scottish Ministers asked for our advice to help them decide whether or not the beaver should be reintroduced to Scotland. Reintroducing a species absent for many centuries is a very significant decision for any government.

Our report: Beavers in Scotland - A report to Scottish Government, is one of the most thorough assessments ever done for a species reintroduction proposal.

NatureScot has been investigating the issues around beavers and beaver reintroduction since 1995. We brought this information together in this one comprehensive report, which we presented to Scottish Ministers in June 2015.

The Scottish Government announced in November 2016 that beavers would remain in Scotland.

About the report

Our report draws on 20 years of dedicated research, investigation and discussion in Scotland about beavers and beaver reintroduction issues. It also looks to the experience of other countries in Europe and North America.

The report covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • beaver interactions with the natural environment
  • beaver interactions with the human environment
  • legal issues
  • management considerations

Among others, the report has been informed by the work of the:

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Beavers and licensing

News - Report finds more beavers moved as population continues to expand (9 June 2023)


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