LIFE Nature and Biodiversity projects

Projects awarded LIFE Nature and Biodiversity funding in Scotland have focused on freshwater pearl mussel, Atlantic salmon and habitat improvements.

Environmental and nature conservation projects across the European Union can apply to this EU funding stream (and could access the earlier LIFE+ funding). In Scotland, such funding supports projects of more than £2m that help to apply the Habitats and Birds Directives or halt biodiversity loss.

The Pearls in Peril project set out to safeguard important populations of freshwater pearl mussel to ensure its survival in Great Britain. The nationwide project ran from 2012 to March 2017 at 21 rivers across Scotland, England and Wales – 19 sites were in Scotland.

The EcoCo LIFE project is applying the concept of 'ecological coherence' to identify and deliver habitat improvement works on sites in Central Scotland.  The aim is to improve habitats where wildlife and people will benefit most.

Ecological coherence considers:

  • habitat connectivity
  • species dispersal and migration
  • habitat and species resilience
  • species diversity
  • ecosystem function

The Conservation of Atlantic Salmon in Scotland (CASS) project ran from 2004 to 2008. CASS remains Scotland’s most significant salmon conservation project to date.

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