30 by 30 and Nature Networks

The commitment to protect at least 30% of our land and sea for nature by 2030 (30x30) and the use of Nature Networks are key in delivering the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy.

The Scottish Government Scottish Biodiversity Strategy outlines the commitment to protect at least 30% of our land and sea for nature by 2030 (30x30 Target). The 2021 and 2022 Programme for Government committed to the deployment of Nature Networks. These two are key components in increasing ecological connectivity and restoration of nature more widely, helping to deliver the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy. There is close alignment and support of other area-based commitments to nature restoration including a new National Park and the Nature Restoration Fund. 

For the last year NatureScot has been working with over 300 stakeholders through a co-design process to draft the Frameworks for both Nature Networks and 30 by 30. we are currently looking for feedback from those involved in the co-design process. Please fill out this short survey here.

Ahead of consultation, the two draft frameworks are now live on the NatureScot website;

The Scottish Government has provided Local Authorities with £5 million capital funding for Nature Networks. Local Authorities should use the Nature Networks Framework, along with the following supporting information in their allocation of this money;

Alongside the frameworks, there is currently a CivTech challenge underway which is looking at how technology can help the roll out of Nature Networks across Scotland.

The process so far

The co-design approach began with a launch event on 28 June 2022. This event brought together over 150 stakeholders wishing to input to the design of the 30x30 and Nature Network frameworks. This first phase aimed to help people understand, rather than simply assume, what the challenge is, setting the scene by introducing the challenge, context, and parameters we are working within. An event summary, along with recording and post-event input, is available. 

A Discovery Workshop followed on from the launch event, taking place on 18 August 2022. This workshop continued to explore and define the challenges we wish for 30x30 and Nature Networks to address. This event brought together 120 people, from 92 organisations and groups, who were split into 13 different workshop groups to work on a joint conceptboard.  Summaries and outputs of the workshops can be found at Nature Networks and at 30x30.

As part of youth engagement in the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy consultation, NatureScot and Young Scot ran an event which included gathering young people's input on what challenges currently surround Protected Areas and Nature Networks and what successful ones look like. The outputs from the discussion were taken forward alongside the outputs of the Discovery Workshop.

The next stage in the co-design process saw a series of themed, 'solution-based' workshops run over October and November. The issues and challenges identified in the Discovery Workshops formed the themes and challenge questions that were used as the basis for discussion for both a set of 30x30 themed workshops and Nature Network themed workshops. The discussions and decisions made in these workshops by the co-creators formed the basis for the 30x30 and Nature Network Frameworks.

The draft frameworks are now published and will be consulted on alongside the SBS Delivery Plan.

You can find all previous events and documentation listed. This page will be kept updated with progress, news and information on how to be involved. Any questions, please do get in touch with the 30 by 30 and Nature Networks team.

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