10th International Beaver Symposium

The 10th International Beaver Symposium is to be held in Scotland in 2025.

The first International Beaver Symposium was held in Slovakia in 1997, with subsequent events being held every three years. They provide an opportunity for beaver specialists and practitioners from around the world to come together and share the latest research and experiences on all aspects of beaver biology, ecology, management, policy and the sociological considerations that exist between people and beavers.

The 9th and most recent symposium was held in Romania in September 2022, during which we were delighted to invite delegates to the 10th symposium here in Scotland. We presented this short video at the symposium, which finishes with a formal invitation from Lorna Slater MSP, Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity.  Details will be refined over the coming months and years, including the location of a suitable venue in the Highlands.  The event will be organised by NatureScot, the University of the Highlands and Islands, other partners, and international colleagues who sit on the symposium’s organising committee.

Video presented to delegates of the 9th International Beaver Symposium, inviting them to the 10th symposium to be held in Scotland in 2025.


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