Compatibility checks for goose management schemes

To claim payment for a goose management scheme option, it must be compatible with other options on the same land.

Compatible and incompatible options

In order to claim a Goose Scheme option, it must be compatible with everything else that is supported on the same piece of land.

Compatible options are two or more land management options that can apply to the same piece of land. All support schemes can run alongside each other, but you can’t receive payment for the same land under more than one scheme if the options are incompatible.

Examples of incompatibilities include:

  • one option eligible only on grass and another option eligible only on an arable crop
  • two options where the management requirements conflict, e.g. grazing dates

If you currently receive payments under another support scheme, you can still apply for the same land parcel to be entered into one of our goose management schemes.

The management options you apply for must, however, be compatible with your existing commitments under the other scheme.

Incompatibilities between goose management schemes and SRDP

You may find that some goose management scheme options are incompatible with Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP):

  • Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS) options
  • Rural Development Contracts (RDCs) that have not yet expired

You will be asked to declare in your goose management scheme application any existing:

  • AECS contracts
  • AECS applications
  • RDC – Rural Priorities scheme contracts
  • RDC – Land Managers Options scheme contracts

Our Goose Officers will check whether your goose management scheme application is compatible with any such options that you’ve applied for or currently claim. We will let you know if any options are incompatible.

We will repeat these checks each year that you ask for land to be entered in the goose management scheme.

What to do if incompatibilities are found

If incompatibilities are found after you’ve applied to join a goose management scheme, you can either:

  • remove the affected land parcel from the goose management scheme
  • accept a lower goose management scheme payment rate

NatureScot has payment rates to address incompatibilities where both options contain a common element of funding. For example, both options might support the provision of alternative grazing at the same time of year. Removing this element of the goose scheme payments lets land managers retain in a goose management scheme land that would otherwise be ineligible.

Our Goose Officers will advise you where alternate payment rates are available.

Read about payment rates for Goose Scheme participants.

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