Shared Approach to Wildlife Management

The Shared Approach to Wildlife Management sets out how a range of organisations across Scotland will work together to help establish healthy and valued populations of wildlife

The Shared Approach is a way of working together.  It has the active support of key organisations and acts as an anchor for decision making and action on the ground. It will provide a reference point when opinions differ and will help show what wildlife management means and how it contributes to Nature-based Solutions in Scotland.
Introduction to the Shared Approach to Wildlife Management
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Francesca Osowska and partnership organisations explain how working together will ensure our wildlife thrives and survives.

The Shared Approach has the active support of key organisations. This support is demonstrated by a concordat which sits alongside the approach. The list of organisations is not exclusive; it reflects those who have been involved to date. Any other organisations who wish to incorporate the approach into their thinking, decisions and actions are very welcome to do so.

The Shared Approach to Wildlife Management concordat sets out how a range of organisations across Scotland will work together to help establish healthy and valued populations of wildlife. It describes the shared priorities and the overall willingness to work together. The approach was developed collectively and represents a variety of points of view, different approaches and perspectives. It focuses on what organisations involved in wildlife management across Scotland have in common.

We are now moving onto the next stage; of putting the approach into action. We have started this through a number of workshops. We will promote how the Shared Approach is helping us all to work through some of the difficult conversations around wildlife management.

Some quotes from Partners:

“The Shared Approach is highly relevant to SRUC as many of my colleagues will become involved in wildlife management discussions at some point - whether it is as a consultant giving advice to clients, a lecturer explaining approaches to a class, a researcher providing input to policy consultations or someone like myself who is involved in a range of land management and wildlife issues.”

“RSPB Scotland recognises that sustainable wildlife management can play an important role in conserving threatened species and habitats, especially in the wider context of both the climate and nature emergencies. Such action should be underpinned by good science and involves effective partnership working and planning, thorough public engagement, and high animal welfare standards." 

"BASC is fully supportive of this shared approach to the management of terrestrial wildlife, that often includes shooting.  The approach clearly recognises the importance of both management practices and legislation being adaptive and evidence based as well as respecting animal welfare." 

“Organisations such as Scottish Land & Estates represent people doing fantastic wildlife conservation work on the ground on a daily basis.  They know the often difficult decisions that have to be made to maintain a sustainable balance in the countryside, and how vital it is for regulation to be flexible as the mix of species changes over time, so they can do their work effectively and without fear.  Some of the current controversies result from inflexible legislation and that has led to difficult relationships between organisations which have the same basic aims, but no mechanism for resolving policy level issues.  We hope this “shared approach” will provide that common ground and we look forward to working with all other stakeholders in developing it.”

"Collaboration is the essential function of the 50 deer management groups which have within them landholdings with a broad range of sometimes competing land management objectives. A willingness to compromise and mutual respect are essential ingredients. ADMG therefore welcomes and supports this important new concordat."

"In an era where ill-informed opinion on necessary wildlife management prevails, SACS welcomes the launch of the cross sector Shared Approach to Wildlife Management. In particular, we commend the focus on balance, adaptive management and working together, with animal welfare to the fore." 

“Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Scotland believe that wildlife management is an important tool for Scottish biodiversity conservation. Such management balances pressures within ecosystems, potentially sustaining a wide range of outcomes of benefit to society. We need to approach both wildlife management and shared knowledge about aims, skills and management consequences with a willingness if our countryside is to benefit.” 

“Wildlife management can be contentious, especially where lethal control is involved. The Scottish Countryside Alliance welcomes and fully supports the establishment of this shared approach to wildlife management which will provide the anchor for discussions and validation of any consequential actions” 


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