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Whether to help inform an application to our fund; improve your understanding and awareness of Peatland restoration, or simply to help us spread the word - we hope you will find our project resources helpful.

How do I learn about the techniques used in peatland restoration?

The Peatland ACTION team have put together a suite of technical restoration demonstration videos to help land managers and contractors learn about the techniques and their successful implementation on-the-ground.

View our Peatland ACTION playlist on our YouTube channel for a full list of techniques (ditch blocking, bunding, reprofiling, and surface smoothing).

Peatland ACTION - Ditch blocking video
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A short video explaining the techniques for ditch blocking on peatlands.

Peat dams from 0.34 second to 1 minute 47 seconds

Plastic piling from around 1 minute 47 seconds onwards


Restoration guidance

Breeding birds Guidance

Managing peatlands in the long term

UAV Guidance

Branding and social

Training for contractors, consultants, agents, land managers and ECOWs

Peatland ACTION offers training in methods of peatland restoration techniques used throughout the UK. These two-day events - lead by the Crichton Carbon Centre - is a space for open, interactive discussions on peatland restoration. Interested? Register for future events today with the Crichton Carbon Centre.

Designed specifically for:

- Contractors looking to undertake peatland restoration projects;
- Consultants looking to undertake peatland restoration projects, peatland condition assessments and feasibility studies;
- Agents preparing peatland restoration projects;
- Land Managers and Factors; and
- Ecological Clerk of Works.


We will also let you know if we are attending shows or giving local presentations.

Help us to spread the Peatland ACTION message!


Data collected as part of the Peatland ACTION programme are available as open source data (e.g. project locations, peat depth, and peatland condition). We have added some of the programme's peatland restoration data to ArcGIS Online (AGOL) to provide an interactive map based view of key datasets.

To ensure our restoration work is supported by robust evidence, a monitoring programme at a selection of Peatland ACTION sites is also ongoing (e.g. water table dynamics, water quality, vegetation surveys and drone flights with multispectral cameras).

Download our informative posters

Download our leaflets

Case studies

We demonstrate links between peat condition and fisheries, grouse, carbon storage, drinking water catchments, wildlife, landscapes, human history and so much more. 

Articles and blogs


Listen: In this Podcast we hear from Peatland ACTION Project Officers Ben Inglis-Grant and Sue White both of whom are based on Scottish islands.

Videos and interactives

  • What are carbon 'sinks'?
    CNNi "Call to EARTH" series of video offers an overview of some of the worlds carbon sinks, including the peatlands of Scotland. Features Peatland ACTION Delivery Manager from NatureScot who explains what we are doing to restore this habitat as part of worldwide efforts to combat climate change. 
  • Interactive on peatlands by CNNi explores the threats and pressures peatlands face; what's being done to restore and protect this habitat; and the benefits this brings. Look out for the 'rollover' image to discover some of the species peatlands support.  
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