Wee Forests: Part of the TinyForest Global Family

What is a Wee Forest?

A Wee Forest is a tennis court-sized, densely planted and fast growing, native species rich woodland in urban Scotland which combines the specific Miywaki planting method with long term school and community engagement through citizen science and volunteering. 

Wee Forests - Part of the Tiny Forest Global Family

Wee Forests are part of the global family of ‘Tiny Forests’ promoted in the UK by Earthwatch and in Europe by Dutch charity IVN.  The location of UK Wee/Tiny Forests can be seen on Earthwatch's interactive map. Click on the Wee Forest icon to find out more about a Wee Forest near you and the data that is being collected. 

NatureScot Wee Forest Demonstration Project

In 2021/22, with funding from the Scottish Government and in partnership with Earthwatch, NatureScot provided Wee Forest accreditation training to nine Local Delivery Partners.  These organisations are now qualified to deliver Wee Forests to a consistent international standard:

  • Aberdeen City Council Environment Team
  • Borders Forest Trust
  • Dundee University Botanic Garden
  • East Ayrshire Woodlands
  • Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust
  • Fife Coast and Countryside Trust
  • Green Action Trust
  • Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust 
  • The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)

NatureScot worked with six of the Local Delivery Partners to create a network of 20 Wee Forests across urban Scotland.

For at least ten years, the Local Delivery Partners will support a volunteer Tree Keeper Team for each Wee Forest which will look after the Wee Forest and help local schools and communities collect data about how the Wee Forest is growing and the benefits it is providing. This will include measuring the carbon captured, the wildlife the forest is supporting, and changes to how much rainwater the soil can capture and retain. Volunteer Tree Keepers will also monitor how people are using and enjoying the Wee Forests.  

In addition to the 20 Demonstration Project Wee Forests funded by Scottish Government, in 2021/22, our partners Earthwatch planted seven Wee Forests in Glasgow and Edinburgh sponsored by a range of businesses.     

Wee Forest Key Facts - 2022

  • 27 Wee Forests established in Scotland
  • Wee Forests are in 10 local authority areas – Aberdeen, Dundee, Fife, Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian, Glasgow, East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire
  • 50+ schools and 1,000 volunteers involved
  • > 16,000 native trees planted for nature and climate.   
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Group of young people planting at West Pilton Park Wee Forest, Edinburgh.

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Miltonbank Primary pupil Planting Day at Castlebay Drive Wee Forest, Glasgow. Photocredit Graham Burns,TCV. 

Some Wee Forest Stories

Schools and local people were the Wee Foresters planting the Wee Forests and some made short films about their experience:

Wee Forest Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get involved or find out more?

Contact NatureScot at [email protected] if you would like to find out more about Wee Forests.

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