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The Peatland ACTION logo creates a strong platform for all of our communications when used correctly. A professional and consistent approach helps people to recognise our work and put their trust in what we have to say.

Our logo is for use by our partners and applicants only.

Before adding the logo to any communications material relating to your Peatland ACTION project please refer to our guidance on how to acknowledge our support for your project and the NatureScot brand - design guidelines to help you use our logo correctly.

Peatland ACTION logo - Downloads

PDF (when using specialist design packages) and PNG logos have transparent backgrounds; JPEG logos are on a white background. 

RGB logos are for digital use (computer screens, TV screens and mobile devices); CMYK logos are for printed materials

More file formats will be available in the coming days. All the logos include the exclusion zone. 


For use with computer screens, TV screens and mobile devices

Peatland ACTION logo - Colour RGB JPEG 

Peatland ACTION logo - Colour RGB PNG


For printed materials

Peatland ACTION logo - Colour CMYK JPEG 

Peatland ACTION logo - Colour CMYK PDF



(blue background for viewing)  

Peatland ACTION logo - White - (PNG) (Low resolution for use on social media etc.)

Peatland ACTION logo White - (PDF) (For using on professionally designed items)



Get in touch to discuss your peatland restoration project proposal.

Email: [email protected]

Get in touch to discuss your project communications materials.

Email: [email protected]


Disclaimer: Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has changed the name to NatureScot as of the 24th August 2020. 

The Peatland ACTION logo has changed as a result and you should use this new logo when acknowledging funding from NatureScot Peatland ACTION. 

Documents published prior to 24 August 2020 may still refer to Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and include the original Peatland ACTION logo. They may also contain broken links to the old domain.

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