Pollinators - resources

We have a wide range of resources to help you learn more about why we have a Pollinator Strategy, what we intend to achieve and how you can help us to help pollinators. Our aim is to make Scotland a pollinator-friendly success story.

Pollinator videos

We have a variety of short films looking at various pollinator projects and species. You can find these in our Biodiversity playlist on our YouTube channel.

A short animation about bees and pollination.
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A short animation about bees and pollination.

Pollinator species

Pollinating insects are fascinating creatures. There are many organisations devoted to celebrating and conserving individual species, and who can help you to identify them. 

Making space for pollinators

There are a range of guides to help with managing your outdoor space to be pollinator-friendly. 

Pollinators in farming

There are various leaflets and guides covering good practice to help pollinating insects on farmland.

Pollination for young readers

We have resources which help explain the story of pollination and pollinators. These are suitable for printing as classroom posters and activity sheets.

Partnership working

Delivering Scotland’s Pollinator Strategy is a partnership between many bodies. To find out more about the work of our many partners please visit the web pages of:

Read our latest Pollinator Strategy for Scotland - 2021 Progress Report.

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