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Helping Scotland's Pollinators

Find out more about Scotland's Pollinator Strategy, projects, resources and how to get involved.

A Pollinator Strategy for Scotland 2017-2027

Helping our pollinators

Scotland’s pollinators are a vital part of our biodiversity. Species such as bees and hoverflies are a familiar sight in our gardens, parks and countryside and they play a crucial role in our food and farming industries, as well as contributing to our enjoyment of the outdoors and our health and well-being.

But our wild pollinators are under threat. Faced with pressures that include habitat fragmentation, changes in land use, disease, pesticides and climate change they need our help.

The Pollinator Strategy for Scotland was launched in July 2017 and is the work of many partners.  Delivering the range of activities needed to achieve the common objectives we share means drawing together the expertise and enthusiasm of a wide range of organisations, government agencies and businesses.

The Pollinator Strategy for Scotland 2017-2027, and accompanying Implementation Plan, set out the actions we need to take to make Scotland a place where pollinators can thrive. 

The Technical Annex sets out the available evidence relating to our main pollinators (bumble bees, solitary bees, honey bees and hoverflies) as well as the threats which affect them.

In Information and Advice Resources you’ll find a list of useful links for further information and advice. You can find out more about our pollinator species, how to help with their management, and how to identify and record them.

The Stragegy's main objectives are to:

• make Scotland more pollinator-friendly;
• improve our understanding of these vital insects and the services they provide;
• manage the commercial use of pollinators to benefit native species;
• raise awareness of and encourage action to help bees and other pollinating insects; and
• monitor and evaluate whether they are thriving.

We have produced a Progress Report showing the many activities taking place across Scotland to help our pollinators. From this baseline we will be well placed to share good practice, offer guidance, raise awareness and encourage further participation.

Follow the SNH social media channels and SNH blog, as well as these web pages for further updates on the implementation of the Pollinator Strategy.

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