Pollinators - get busy - get involved!

Get busy - get involved!

There are lots of ways for you to get involved and help pollinators in your area.

Explore the list below to find projects, activities and resources to get you busy:

  • Flower-Insect Timed Count - Spend ten minutes watching insects and flowers, record what you see, and add value to this nationwide survey. An easy and fun activity.
  • Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) - Download the 'What's that bumblebee' App or help collect information on how many bumblebees there are, and where, by carrying out a 'Beewalk'. connect with nature and help increase our knowledge.
  • Polli:Nation - Visit the website for expert advice and resources to identify and make habitats for our pollinators.
  • Buglife Scotland - Help create B-lines in Scotland by adding to the map showing corridors and fragments of land which can potentially be joined up to help create a route for bees using wildlife-rich habitats as 'stepping stones'.

Manage your garden for pollinators and other wildlife

  • Promoting pollination with bee houses - Information on how to choose or build bee houses
  • Planting for pollinators leaflet - Pollinators need flowers that produce lots of nectar (for energy) and pollen (for protein). The Key time for your garden to be in bloom is between March and October. This leaflet helps you choose the best plants for pollinators.
  • Gardening for wildlife - How to create a wildlife friendly garden either at home or in your local community.
  • Wildlife gardening - Go wild in your garden with the Wildlife Trust! How to manage your garden to benefit wildlife - there's always room for some wildflowers.

Make a pollinator pledge

Why not commit to doing your bit for our hard-pressed pollinators? There are some simple steps you could take such as:

  • grow pollinator-friendly plants, trees and shrubs
  • create habitats to provide nesting and shelter for pollinators
  • leave areas of grass unmown, or reduce the number of cuts
  • encourage others to make a pollinator pledge
Battleby Bee Hotel
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We are delighted that in May 2018 our red mason bee ‘hotel’ at Battleby was being well used. These busy bees make up to 75 visits to flowers daily, no wonder they’re exceptional pollinators.

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