Biogenetic reserve

Biogenetic reserves were first created to enable biological research and, in Scotland, were then based around National Nature Reserves.

Scotland has two biogenetic reserves. These overlap the Forvie National Nature Reserve and Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve.

No new biogenetic reserves have been designated in Scotland since 1992. It’s rare that we refer to the designation now.


Biogenetic reserve is a non-statutory designation made by the Council of Europe under:

  • Resolution 76(17) on the European network of biogenetic reserves
  • Resolution 79(9) concerning the rules for the European network of biogenetic reserves

The concept of biogenetic reserves arose from the Bern Convention, which the UK Government ratified in 1983.


Scotland’s biogenetic reserves were proposed by Scottish Ministers on the advice of NatureScot.

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