Review of Deer Authorisations

NatureScot appointed a Deer Panel to review key aspects of the deer authorisations process in 2016.

A review was important for several reasons:

  • the increasing demand for authorisations
  • some concerns around how we assess and meet that demand
  • the changing legislative and policy context

The Deer Panel invited input from a range of organisations and individuals with an interest in the subject. Although it concluded that the authorisations process continues to be necessary, and works quite well, the Deer Panel has made a number of recommendations to NatureScot to improve its delivery.

NatureScot welcomed the Deer Panel’s report, published in September 2016, and agrees with its findings – in particular that closed season and night shooting are important deer management tools. We are now working with partners to see how we can best deliver the recommended improvements.

Read the Deer Panel – Deer Authorisations: Report to NatureScot September 2016

Search our publications for Deer Panel meeting minutes and other background documents.

Written submissions

As part of the review process, the Deer Panel requested data and evidence from NatureScot and Forest Enterprise Scotland.

Formal requests for information and views were also made to members of the Deer Management Round Table and Community Land Scotland.

Download written submissions


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