Peatland ACTION - What we do

Working to improve the condition of degraded bogs across Scotland

The true worth of our peatlands is becoming increasingly recognised. As stores of carbon they are important in tackling climate change and as the basis of rural farming, sporting, tourism and crofting they are vital to the economy.  They also play a role in flood regulation, water quality and support nationally and internationally important biodiversity. 


Peatland ACTION - People and peatlands
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Journey into the wild and beautiful peatlands of Scotland to discover an ancient cultural landscape. A living landscape not far from your front door. Peatlands play a crucial role in all our lives by providing multiple benefits for people and nature. When healthy, they ‘lock-in’ carbon to help combat climate change, support tourism and rural jobs.

Peatlands are one of Scotland’s largest degraded ecosystems.  When peatlands are degraded the benefits they bring are lost, in fact they become sources of carbon instead of sinks – contributing to climate change rather than mitigating it. 

In late 2012, the Scottish Government allocated funds to an NatureScot-led peatland restoration project ‘Peatland ACTION’ to kick-start the restoration challenge. 

What have we achieved?

Since 2012 Peatland ACTION has set over 35,000 ha of degraded peatland on the road to recovery.

Building on a winning formula

Peatland ACTION Project Officers have played a pivotal role in the success of the project, many having now been in-post for several years and have developed substantial expertise in advising on peatland restoration. Feedback from grant recipients praised the independent and expert advice from Project Officers, who are based around Scotland both in NatureScot and partner organisations.

Peatland ACTION delivery partners

Peatland ACTION Delivery partners are NatureScot, Forestry and Land Scotland, Scottish Water and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority and Cairngorms National Park Authority.

Our partners

NatureScot Peatland ACTION works in partnership with a range of organisations. Our project officers are hosted both within NatureScot and the following organisations:
Carloway Estate Trust, Crichton Carbon Centre, Lochaber Fisheries Trust, Shetland Amenity Trust, RSPB, Tweed Forum

We also work closely with others to spread our message, helping us reach our target audiences.

Butterfly Conservation – ‘Bogsquad’, Heather Trust, IUCN UK Peatlands Programme, Scottish Land and Estates.


  • RSPB's Nature of Scotland Awards - Nature and Climate Action - Finalist (2020)
  • The Project won the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s Best Practice Large Scale Nature Conservation Award in 2016;
  • RSPB’s Nature of Scotland Awards - Innovation Award - Winner (2015)
    Cairngorms Peatland Restoration Project wins RSPB Innovation Award

Social media

Follow us on Twitter @PeatlandACTION, and don't forget to tag @nature_scot and use our hashtag #PeatlandACTION especially if we've funded your peatland restoration project.

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