Peatland ACTION - Working in peatland restoration

Training, guidance and information for peatland restoration contractors and designers and those wishing to start a career in the sector.

Did you know that there are lots of jobs and careers in peatland restoration from land management and technical expertise to financial, project management and communications skills? 

Peatland restoration has many benefits to people and nature, including offering a nature-based solution to the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. The Scottish Government’s 10 year, £250 million commitment for peatland restoration is delivered through the Peatland ACTION Programme.

In the year 2023 / 24 around 10,000 hectares of peatland was put on the road to recovery. In the next 2 years (by March 2026) we need to restore a further 35,000Ha to meet our ambitious targets.  Between 2026 and 2030 the area to be restored each year is 35,000 hectares.

However, without the availability of a skilled and dedicated workforce the many strands of peatland restoration simply would not happen.

Peatland ACTION are leading work to develop a sector with the skills, knowledge and experience required. 

Be part of the green jobs revolution. Find out how you or your business can get started through the training, mentoring and guidance we have to offer.