Workforce Plan

Our employees are our most important asset – and our Workforce Plan outlines how we can get the best from everyone.

NatureScot must successfully recruit, motivate, develop, train and retain the right people to work with us. Only by doing so can we deliver the best for the natural heritage.

Our future success as a trusted and highly respected organisation also depends wholly on the commitment and dedication of our people.

Our workforce plan helps to ensure that:

  • we have the capabilities and skills we need to deliver for Scotland’s natural heritage
  • we bring the values of NatureScot to life in all that we do
  • our people understand their roles and our expectations of them – and the rewards and opportunities they can get in return
  • our people feel valued for their contributions – by celebrating the successes of individuals, teams and NatureScot as a whole
  • we create a workplace that lets us get the most from our people

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NatureScot workforce Plan 2018-22

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