Our performance

We regularly monitor and report on our progress towards reaching the natural heritage outcomes in our corporate and business plans.

We monitor our performance through reports provided by our management units and projects. These are structured around our Corporate Plan 2022-2026 - A nature-rich future for all with detail reflecting the business plan that we use to plan our work.

Quarterly performance reports

Every three months, the outcome manager evaluates the information received and reports to our Senior Leadership Team on progress and risks to delivery of our corporate and business plans.

The quarterly performance reports also include our current financial position, so that progress can be reviewed alongside spending. Corrective steps such as managing the budget may then be taken to ensure we stay on course to meet our outcomes and targets.

Quarterly information is also reported to our Board.

Annual report and accounts

Each year, we produce an annual report and accounts, which reports on our successes and performance over the previous year. Its main purpose is to give the Scottish Government an overview of our key areas of work. The report is made publicly available with the consent of the Scottish Government.

The report includes:

  • an introduction to the report by the Chairman and Chief Executive
  • a performance summary of our corporate priorities
  • details of our performance towards the National Performance Indicators set by the Scottish Government
  • details of performance delivered through our four outcomes
  • financial, environmental and social summaries
  • our annual accounts including Senior Leadership Team and Board member information

The annual accounts are prepared in compliance with the Accounts Direction issued by Scottish Ministers under section 10(3) of the Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act 1991. They are audited by Audit Scotland.

Our annual accounts provide:

  • a breakdown of income and expenditure
  • our balance sheet at the end of the financial year
  • our cash flow statement
  • the salaries of our Management Team and the level of remuneration awarded to Board members

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