Whether it comes from the wild or from a farmed herd, venison is one of Scotland’s great natural food products.

Venison is a healthy and delicious meat to enjoy at home or when eating out.

View venison recipes on the Scotland‘s Natural Larder website.

Four species of wild deer roam Scotland:

  • roe (native)
  • red (native)
  • sika
  • fallow

Wild deer are integral to Scotland’s biodiversity and are important to our culture. Many tourists are keen to see deer on our hills, and others join in the stalking of deer. Both are valuable aspects of Scotland’s nature-based tourism.


Venison is one of the most nutritious of all red meats and a good source of healthy protein. Meat from deer has been important to the human diet since prehistoric times.

Venison has less than 2% fat – less than skinless chicken – and higher levels of iron than any other red meat. It’s also full of B vitamins.

Availability of venison

Venison comes from sustainably managed wild herds or carefully managed populations of farmed deer. Our Best Practice Guides website offers guidance covering all aspects of carcass preparation to help ensure that meat entering the food chain has been handled safely.

More and more butchers and supermarkets are stocking venison, and many restaurants now have the meat on their menu. Buying from your local farmers’ market or butcher will let you pick up cooking tips with your purchase.

Look for the Scottish Quality Wild Venison logo. It’s only used with meat that has been procured and handled to the highest standards at every step of the way from ‘hill to plate’.

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