Local produce

For fresh food in season, grow your own, support local farms, buy regional food or order Scottish produce in restaurants.

Think provenance

Knowing where our food is from lets us buy quality local and seasonal produce. It’s better for our health and it cuts down on food miles and excess packaging.

Visit your local farm shop to find fresh local vegetables, fruit, honey, meat and speciality goods, and support some great farm businesses.

Support your local farmers’ market to buy direct from food producers. Buying locally also lessens the distance from field to fork. This reduces food miles and puts money back into the local economy, sustaining and creating jobs.

Look for the VisitScotland Taste Our Best logo when you eat out. It’s a mark of quality ingredients of Scottish provenance and fresh, seasonal produce. Taste Our Best restaurants and food outlets strive for sustainability and source food locally to keep food miles down.

Grow your own food

Tending your garden, allotment, orchard or community growing space can reward you with fresh and in season produce.

For help getting started, look to:

Food initiatives and funding

National and local initiatives that promote a closer connection between food and consumer include:

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