Food and drink industry

The food and drink industry is a major contributor to Scotland’s economy and influences how land in Scotland is managed.

Nature provides the raw ingredients for many food and drink businesses, and natural processes support the production of quality food. Our highly valued food and drink sector relies on and benefits from a healthy environment.

Watch our short film to hear why food and drink producers value Scotland’s environment so much.

A short film showing how food and drink producers in Scotland value the environment.
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A short film showing how food and drink producers in Scotland value the environment.
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Quality produce

Scotland is blessed with a fantastic larder of some of the best natural produce in the world. Soft fruit and vegetables are locally grown in many parts of Scotland and we are increasingly renowned for good quality meat and excellent seafood.

Scotland’s innovative food businesses are making the most of Scotland’s abundant produce, from cheese and oatcakes to jams and craft beer.

Knowing where our food is from means we can source quality ingredients locally and in season, which benefits our own health while reducing food miles and unnecessary packaging.

Our food and drink sector supports:

  • farmers
  • growers
  • fishermen
  • 20% of manufacturing workers

Recipe for Success: Scotland’s National Food and Drink Policy was published in 2009. As well as promoting healthier and sustainable food choices, its aims include supporting the growth of our food and drink industry, and building on our reputation as a land of food and drink.

Becoming a Good Food Nation, a 2014 discussion document, develops these aims further.

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