Scotland’s Natural Larder

Discover the wealth of wild food that nature provides: seafood, freshwater fish, game, venison, fungi, berries, honey and edible plants.

Our Scotland’s Natural Larder project is at the forefront of Scottish efforts to make more of sustainably harvested and hunted wild food, sourced locally and in season. A growing interest in provenance and authenticity is driving a wild food revival, helping people to make the connections between nature and delicious gourmet ingredients.

Nature provides us with seafood, game, fungi, venison, berries, honey, sea and freshwater fish, and an enormous range of edible plants. Scotland’s Natural Larder aims to raise awareness of the abundance of wild food and provide information and ideas on how to make the best use of this natural resource.

The project encourages people to make links between the health of the environment and its sustainable management. It’s helped to introduce people to tastes they may not be familiar with such as rabbit, wild goose and wild garlic – plus all sorts of ways to prepare venison. Boosting skills and confidence in using wild food from Scotland’s Natural Larder is a big focus.

The Scotland’s Natural Larder website contains more information on game, venison, wildfowl and fish.

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