Scotland’s landscapes, wildlife and outdoor activities are consistently given as the top reasons for tourists to visit our country.

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is one of seven growth industries in Scotland, contributing more than £4 billion to our economy each year. The natural environment is a key tourism asset with our scenery and landscapes being the highest motivation for people to visit Scotland. Spending on nature-based tourism is estimated to contribute nearly 40% of all tourism spend supporting 39,000 full time equivalent jobs.

NatureScot’s (NatureScot’s) vision is for all visitors to have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate Scotland’s nature as part of a high quality visitor experience.

You can read how we’re working to achieve this in our Statement of NatureScot’s approach and contribution to Scottish tourism.  

Between 2019-2023 NatureScot managed the Natural & Cultural Heritage Fund, an EU Strategic Intervention, which invested £9.2m into thirteen projects across the Highlands & Islands of Scotland. Read more about the Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund: Our Projects

Everyone can help keep Scotland special. You can contribute to sustainable tourism by respecting our environment, travelling lightly, reducing your impacts and supporting and investing in local communities.

Promoting nature tourism opportunities

NatureScot helps to inspire people to connect with nature and landscapes. Try the links below to help you find some great outdoor experiences. Why not also follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Tourism businesses

NatureScot works with a range of partners and stakeholders such as the Scottish Government, VisitScotland, the Scottish Tourism Alliance, Wild Scotland and a range of other destination management organisations and tourism interest groups.

Watch our three-minute film to hear why tourism businesses value Scotland’s environment so much.

Tourism and Nature.
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A short video highlighting the importance of the natural environment for Scotland's tourism sector.

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Summary: Valuing nature based tourism in Scotland.

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