Graphic of a blackbird, ladybird and frog for the make space for nature campaign

Make space for nature this spring!

Do something for nature today!

What can YOU do for Scotland's nature?

There are many simple things that we can all do to help nature protect our biodiversity and ensure that Scotland continues to have a nature-rich future.

Help wildlife to flourish this spring!


The beauty of emerging flowers is a classic sign that winter is finally over, providing a welcome boost to the spirits. Whether it’s snowdrops, lesser celandine, wood anemone, bluebells or primroses, the impact is the same - spring has sprung and summer is on the way!

A hoverfly feeding on hawthorn blossom. ©Lorne Gill/SNH

Prune for pollinators

All across Scotland plants, trees and shrubs are springing into life with fresh leaves and buds bringing a welcome splash of colour to our gardens. While some plants benefit from a little pruning at this time of year, there are some that you should leave until later in the year. Avoid pruning any spring-flowering trees or shrubs and you will enjoy more colour and biodiversity in your garden.

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As flowers begin to appear so do many more insects. We'll notice our first bees and butterflies of the year buzzing and bobbing around the plants. Keep half an eye out for these early risers topping up on sugar-rich nectar, or basking in a warm sunny spot like a wall, fence or patio.

Plant for pollinators


Pollen-hungry insects emerge as our gardens spring into flower. Pollinator-friendly plants look beautiful and bring your garden to life with the hum and flutter of vital insects.

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At this time of year, you might see the birds in your garden squabbling over territory or flying into bushes with curious objects in their beaks. It’s also bird migration season, so keep your birdfeeder stocked and keep an eye out for unusual visitors. You might see a bird you've not seen before, taking a rest in your garden en route to its final destination.

Birds need nests


We can help our local birds as they are busy building the perfect homes for their chicks. As well as some lazy gardening - such as not pruning bushes containing nests, and leaving some nest-building debris lying around - you may have space for a bird box!

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Frogs, toads and newts all wake-up from hibernation in the spring to search for homes and mates and all can all thrive in garden ponds. Habitat loss is a problem for newts in particular and garden ponds are increasingly important for these fascinating amphibians.

Pond life


It's a busy time of year for pondlife too. Building a small pond in your garden can really bring it to life - and with plenty of guidance on the internet, it's easier than you might think. As well as frogs and toads a pond can attract newts, dragonflies and much more.

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Citizen science

Get involved in this really useful and fun way of helping the environment during lockdown. You really can make a difference!

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