What kinds of personal data we use

We use a variety of personal data depending on the task we are carrying out:

• To deliver most of our services, we need to use names, addresses, or other contact details.

• We sometimes use identifiers, such as business reference numbers.

• We will use other information about land management activities and some financial information to deliver functions such as Licensing and management of protected sites.

• If you write to us and include information about yourself we will hold that information for the length of time it takes to respond to you and for the management of those records.

• Where appropriate, we will ask for equalities information.

If you apply for a job with us, we’ll use and store the personal information you send to us. We may also look for other sources of information, such online sources, to assess your suitability.

When our partners work with us, we will keep contact details and other information sent to us. And we may make and keep audio and video recordings of meetings with partners where appropriate.

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