Publication scheme information

View our Guide to Information to see the kinds of information that we routinely make available and how to access them.

Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, all Scottish public authorities must produce and maintain a publication scheme.

NatureScot follows the Scottish Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme 2018. One aspect of this is having a guide for the general public about our publication scheme information.

Read our Guide to Information available through the Model Publication Scheme

Our Guide to Information:

  • tells you what information is available in relation to each class
  • explains how to find information easily
  • lists contact details for enquiries and for help to access information
  • sets out how to request information that hasn’t been published

We aim to publish as much information as possible on this website. You will find publications and reports relating to Scotland’s natural heritage as well as annual reports and other business information about NatureScot.

Before asking us for information, first check to see if what you need is here on our website.

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