Improving your local greenspace

Other than improvements essential for safety, try to use your space for a while before making any changes.  Your greenspace will change with the seasons, you will need at least a full year to really get to know it.  Always get the permission of the land owner/manager before making any changes to your space.

Think about other users and partners:  what are their needs and wishes; how can you involve them in your plans or share the workload?  Can they help source funding?

Think about improvements for biodiversity.  A greater variety of life equals a greater variety of learning opportunities.  Discover what nature exists in your greenspace through some of the many Citizen Science websites, apps and resources.  This might help focus your improvements in the right areas (e.g. for pollinators).  You might consider planting trees or wildflowers; erecting bird boxes; creating bug hotels or log piles. 

Appropriate planting can enhance biodiversity, generate more diverse learning opportunities and offer shelter and privacy – but don’t forget, things grow!  Check you know how big shrubs grow or how easily wildflowers spread – and check for power lines before planting trees.  Some organisations offer free trees or seeds at certain times in the year.  Keep your eye on email bulletins or try Woodland Trust; Royal Horticultural Society or Keep Scotland Beautiful.

There may also be Grants available to help you improve and use your greenspace.

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Templates:  Greenspace Audit; Questionnaire to Inform Action Plan; Action Plan

Engaging your community



Citizen Science surveys and resources

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