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Licensing news

Read seasonal updates on species licensing, hear about new best practice guidelines and application requirements, and view current processing times.

Get the latest news about Scottish Natural Heritage licensing – from details of new application requirements to seasonal updates on species licensing.

Making the most of the SNH Licensing service

Application forms

We want to make sure that we can process your licence application as quickly as possible.  If you are making an application please make sure you check you are using the most up to date form. We redesign our applications regularly to make sure we ask the right questions, so you can provide the right information.  If you are using old forms then you might not be providing this information and we might have to come back to you for more.  Please ensure you have fully completed your application form and included timely surveys, species protection plans and clearly annotated maps and diagrams where required.  The current average turnaround time for licence applications is approximately 10 days.

Seasonal tips - Birds and nesting

As the bird breeding season enter full swing a number of problems can arise from birds nesting in inconvenient places. We have created a short document highlighting some of the issues that can occur and how these may be avoided or dealt with, Public Health and Safety: Issues with nesting birds.  There's also some useful links for bird identification and advice on how to apply for licences.

Licensing advice to ecologists

In licensing we can be asked by ecologists to make judgements on specific survey design and methods.  Whilst licensing will endeavour to provide timely advice on best practice survey methods, mitigation and compensation, we advise that judgements for specific cases should be made by the ecology professionals on the ground carrying out the surveys and working with their client, backed with robust justification.

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