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Get involved as a volunteer at Loch Leven NNR. There are also opportunities for outdoor learning and research.





Why not join us as a volunteer at Loch Leven NNR? 

There’s always a lot going on, and we would really value your help. You’ll get involved with a range of tasks – from path work to wildlife surveys.

Work parties are held most Wednesdays, between 9:30am and 4pm.

Find out how the role description fits with your skills, what’s involved, how much time it will take, and what training may be offered.

Find out what we can offer in our volunteer information leaflet.

If you’re interested, please do get in touch.

Outdoor learning

We’re keen to see Loch Leven NNR used for outdoor learning for all ages and will support visits whenever we can.

Working with the RSPB we offer an education programme for local schools, Growing up with Loch Leven. Find out more in the teacher's guide.

This is a good a starting point for educational visits to Loch Leven NNR. It provides background information on the natural history of the reserve and how to access the reserve. There are also some case studies from the Growing up with Loch Leven initiative.

The RSPB offers general education visits at its Loch Leven visitor centre. This is an inspirational place, where children can have fun exploring and learning about the natural world. The reserve is one of RSPB's field teaching sites and you can arrange visits with the RSPB.

Tufty the Tufted Duck is a short story that tells the life of a tufted duck. It describes the dangers and delights of Tufty’s experiences at Loch Leven. The book also explains the life cycle and annual migrations of tufted ducks and other wildfowl.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or arranging a visit, please contact the NatureScot reserve manager (01738 458609). Alternatively, please contact the RSPB office (telephone: 01577 862355).


Reserves are used for a wide variety of research and survey projects, including individual informal surveys, student dissertations and academic study. We’re very keen to encourage this, as it adds to our understanding of the reserves and the wider natural heritage. We support research that is in line with the interests of the reserve.

If you’re interested in undertaking a research project at Loch Leven NNR, please contact the reserve manager.


Please contact the Loch Leven Team for more information about volunteering, outdoor learning or research at Loch Leven NNR.

Telephone: 01738 458609
Email: [email protected]

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