​Your access rights

Scotland is full of fantastic landscapes to explore – and our progressive legislation allows public access to most land and water.


Scotland’s access rights are yours to enjoy – as long as you do so responsibly. These rights apply to most land and inland water and include walking, cycling and other non-motorised activities.

But there are some places where Scottish access rights don’t apply – like private homes and gardens, and land on which crops are growing. 

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code explains access rights and responsibilities in more detail.

The Code sets out the simple steps you must take to look after the environment and respect the needs of others working the land or enjoying the outdoors. Advice on camping and dog walking are just a couple of the topics it covers.

Know the Code before you go. Visit the Scottish Outdoor Access Code website.

Hillwalkers and other recreational users can check the Heading for the Scottish Hills web service for information about deer stalking.

Activity Guides

Two Activity Guides for teachers and group leaders are available, one each for 8-12 and 12-14 year olds. There is a mix of specific and shared resources across the two age groups.

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