Glen Roy National Nature Reserve

​Echoes of ice

Nowhere in Scotland can the dramatic effects of glacial ice on our landscape be seen more clearly. The glory of Glen Roy National Nature Reserve (NNR) is that you can easily spot the pattern of the Parallel Roads and other Ice Age landforms.

For centuries, great thinkers and geologists pondered the mystery of how these deep lines – or ‘roads’ – were gouged into the hillside. The solution to the puzzle is that a series of ice-dammed lakes formed and drained at the end of the last Ice Age. Combined with the other glacier-linked landforms – such as river fans, terraces and landslips – they create a geological wonderland.

Spend time in this vast landscape and appreciate the tremendous forces of nature. You may see red deer, ravens, buzzards and the occasional golden eagle. Pockets of native birch and oak woodland along the river and on the slopes are rich in spring flowers.

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Top attractions

  • Learn about Scotland’s rich geological history.
  • Look out for wildlife in a spectacular mountain setting.
  • Visit in spring and summer to enjoy wild flowers in the woodland.


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Glen Roy NNR is a core area within Lochaber Geopark.

Glen Roy NNR is a member of VisitScotland and the GTBS (Green Tourism Business Scheme).

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