Routes to explore

Scotland is well set up for exploring, with thousands of miles of paths, trails and canals – and there’s more to come. ​

Paths let you enjoy the outdoors anywhere in Scotland. Some are also useful for day-to-day journeys to work, school or the shops, or to see friends and family. Discover paths and trails suited to walking, cycling and horse riding. Stay close to home or take to our hills and glens.

Famous routes like the West Highland Way, Fife Coastal Path and Great Glen Way are among Scotland’s Great Trails. Each of the 29 longer distance routes runs to at least 25 miles and together they cover more than 1,900 miles. You can tackle some of the routes in a single day or make a holiday of others.

Scotland’s Great Trails are part of the National Walking and Cycling Network, which is set to grow to 8,000 km by 2035. Look out for new routes to walk, cycle, ride and canoe near you as we extend and improve the network.

Active travel and recreation are also getting easier and more accessible in Central Scotland. A big focus of the Central Scotland Green Network is to develop a strategic network of walking and cycling routes.

Many paths pass by or through National Scenic Areas, allowing you to admire Scotland’s most majestic landscapes. Geotrails can reveal geological gems and the legacy of our glacial past. There are also numerous recorded rights of way to travel over, some of which follow in the footsteps of smugglers and soldiers.

Using the paths on our doorstep for everyday outings can help us to live happier, healthier, greener and more active lives. View the core paths plan for your local authority area to see the main routes for recreation and travel.

Travelling by train instead? Download our free View from the Train app to learn the stories of the landscapes that pass by your window. The app’s audio tours tie in with five major rail routes – plus four West Highland lines. It’s yet another way to enjoy what our great outdoors has to offer.

Whatever your route, take some simple steps to take care of the environment and respect other people’s needs. Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

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