Visit Knockan Crag NNR Tadhail Creag a' Chnocain Tèarmann Nàdair Nàiseanta

Some of the world’s oldest rocks can be seen at Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve. All around you is evidence of the huge upheavals, collisions and pressures that have shaped Scotland.

Beneath the bog and heather are 1 billion-year-old seabed muds. Sediment from ancient rivers created the mountain bedrock, while sand from Scotland’s tropical seas can be seen in the whitish rocks on some summits. Over millions of years, ice, weather and erosion have shaped the rocks you see today.

Discover more about this geological wonder in our leaflet. It includes details of the Rock Room visitor centre and a map of the three trails that begin here.

Published: 2018
Language: English/Gaelic

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