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SNH Commissioned Report 908: Basking shark satellite tagging project: insights into basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) movement, distribution and behaviour using satellite telemetry - Final report

A joint project between Scottish Natural Heritage and the University of Exeter has provided insights into basking sharks’ horizontal and vertical use of the waters on Scotland’s west coast. The project has employed the latest satellite tagging technology available.

This report is the final publication to come out of the basking shark satellite tagging project. It presents the final results collected following the satellite tagging of 61 basking sharks in the Sea of the Hebrides.

Seasonal site fidelity during summer months and inter-annual site fidelity are reported for the first time. This fidelity highlights how measures such as Marine Protected Areas may be a valuable tool in the conservation of this migratory species.

Southerly migrations were observed as far as Madeira during winter months, and the report describes putative migration strategies.

This report updates the information in both:

Published: 2016
Pages: 80

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