Our research priorities are guided by:

Most of our research projects are carried out by external contractors and/or with partners such as government departments, research institutes and universities.

Connecting with Universities and the Research Community

We have published our Strategic Evidence Needs (SEN) document to highlight priorities for further research.  This concentrates on key requirements of evidence or further analysis to support us in advising the Scottish and UK governments on priorities for nature.

The SEN document will be updated periodically as our and governments’ priorities and proposed opportunities for further work change.

Having reviewed the SEN document, if you have any proposals for CASE PhD awards, Masters projects or other research work, can you please contact us by email [email protected] and we will put you in touch with relevant colleagues. 

We are keen to support NERC CASE PhD studentships and Masters projects but need to be reassured that proposals meet our priorities.

PhD & MSc Projects

NatureScot is focusing its support for PhDs on NERC CASE studentships (costing NatureScot £1,000 per annum over four years). NatureScot is finding these collaborative applications offer very good value and allow us to continue to work in partnership with universities.

Requests must be submitted by University staff only.

Any enquiries regarding the studentship programme should be submitted to [email protected]

We have identified topics suitable for students to undertake as Masters projects.

View a list of the latest dissertation topics.

Please complete the expression of interest form if you are interested in undertaking one of these projects.

Research reports

A research report is the main output from almost all of our research projects. Each report summarises the findings of the relevant research work and is reviewed by a senior member of our staff before publication. External reviewers are often involved at this stage too.

Our published research series include:

  • Commissioned report series
  • Review and Research series
  • Survey and Monitoring series

To ensure that our research reports follow a standard format, we supply a template and instructions to follow with each research contract.


Get in touch if you're are unable to find the research publication you're looking for.

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