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Local Landscape Areas

In many places in Scotland, the scenery is highly valued locally. Local authorities often give these landscapes a local designation.

Local Landscape Area (LLA), following Scottish Government policy, is the name used for the local landscape designation. Previous names include Special Landscape Area and Area of Great Landscape Value.

All local landscape designations:

  • help to protect a landscape from inappropriate development
  • may encourage positive landscape management
  • play an important role in developing an awareness of the landscape qualities that make particular areas distinctive
  • promote a community’s sense of pride in its surroundings

Local landscape designations occur across Scotland. Local development plans show their location (and associated policy). Scottish Natural Heritage doesn’t maintain a national record of local landscape designations, but the map below shows their coverage based on August 2016 data.

See the Local Landscape Areas 2017 map

LLAs complement the National Scenic Area designation, used for nationally important landscapes.

Guidance update

SNH and Historic Scotland (now Historic Environment Scotland) jointly published Guidance on Local Landscape Designations in 2006. This advises local authorities on how to review their local landscape designation and refresh their approach to policy and management.

SNH and Historic Environment Scotland consulted on an updated version of the guidance in early 2017 and the results are being evaluated. The revised guidance aims to help planning authorities identify or review their local landscape designation and maximise its benefits.

Read the Draft Guidance on Local Landscape Areas

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