Wind farm construction: good practice

Our good practice guidance draws on experience of the construction and operation of wind farms across the world.

We have developed guidance on Good Practice during Wind Farm Construction to help address the effects on the natural environment. It builds on the experience of over 20 years of wind farm construction in Scotland

Developers, planning officers, construction firms and others can use the guidance at the post-consent, pre-construction planning phase of wind farm development.

The guidance focuses on:

  • pollution prevention
  • nature conservation
  • landscape
  • hydrology

It is a joint publication by:

  • Scottish Renewables
  • NatureScot
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
  • Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • Marine Scotland

Use of trees cleared for development

We produced a video with SEPA and Forestry Commission Scotland to help steer the use of forest residues from development sites.

This video supports recent joint guidance aimed at developers of major new construction projects sited on afforested land.
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This video outlines good practice in the use of trees cleared as a result of development proposals on afforested land.
Guidance produced by SEPA, NatureScot and Forestry Commission Scotland.

The 10-minute video covers:

  • identifying the resource
  • waste management implications
  • mulching
  • brash use
  • restoration

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