Planning and development: renewable energy

Our strategic approach to renewable energy guides development towards the locations and technologies best suited to Scotland’s nature and landscapes

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Guidance on repowering wind farms

We consulted over draft guidance on how to assess wind farm  repowering applications last year. The consultation responses and a summary of responses can be viewed here.  Taking account of the responses received, we now recommend that the baseline for assessment should be the 'current state of the environment' as set out in the EIA regulations.  We are currently working through the implications of this for the rest of the guidance and we hope to share revised guidance soon.

Guidance on bats and wind farm development

The guidance Bats and Onshore Wind Turbines: Survey, Assessment and Mitigation updates best practice information for developers and planners to ensure that onshore wind energy developments pose minimal risk to bats.  We will be gathering feedback on the application of the new guidance early in 2020, to review how well it is working.

Guidance on visual representation of wind farms

Our Visual Representation of Wind Farms guidance helps developers produce wind farm visualisations for Environmental Reports that are easy to understand and which can be verified.  All wind farm applications  requiring an environmental impact assessment should includes visualisations that comply with the standards set out in the guidance.  We have also published a set of training slides that we have used in visualisation training sessions for practitioners and planning authorities.

If you are proposing to deploy a renewable energy technology, please contact the appropriate Area Office to discuss siting and design at the earliest opportunity.

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