A stakeholder meeting at the Green Infrastructure Fund site at the Middlefield hosing estate in Aberdeen. ©Lorne Gill/SNH. For information on reproduction rights contact the Scottish Natural Heritage Image Library on Tel. 01738 444177 or www.nature.scot

Landscape, planning and development

Landscapes underpin our economy and makes Scotland an attractive place to live. Planners and developers can help to enhance this asset. ​

Decisions we make about developments and how we respond to climate change continue to alter our landscapes and our experience of them. Landscape change can be positive if it is well planned and well informed.

Planning authorities must consider how plans and strategies can help to safeguard and enhance landscapes in their area. Explore the landscape aspects of planning and development. View Scottish Natural Heritage guidance organised by development type.

Developers should identify and address impacts on landscapes as their proposals take shape. It’s also vital to follow good practice when deciding where to site new developments within the landscape. You can draw on a range of landscape tools and techniques to guide this work.

To view planning and development guidance organised by natural heritage features, go to our general advice for planners and developers.