Urban birds

Even small areas of greenspace can be important for birds that have adapted to our heavily modified habitat and disturbance.

Many species found in urban environments are also commonly found in and along the edges of our woodlands.

Even small areas of greenspace are important for birds that have been able to adapt to the heavily modified habitat and to disturbance. Greenspace brings people into contact with birds, bird song and so perhaps a bit closer to nature.

Putting out wild bird food in gardens has increased the winter survival of many species found in urban areas.

These include:

  • blackbird
  • song thrush
  • robin
  • siskin
  • coal tit
Song Thrush in a Rowan tree laden with red berries.

The blue tit and great tit will readily adopt nest boxes in areas where there are few natural holes suitable for nesting.

A bird table outside a window is a great way to start bird watching.

Protection of urban birds

Find out how Scotland’s wild birds are protected.

Learn about birds and licensing.

Read our guidance for planners and developers on protected animals.

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