Our Green Infrastructure Projects

The GISI funded 12 capital infrastructure projects and nine community engagement projects. Between them, our projects delivered:

  • 200+ hectares of greenspace created or enhanced in urban areas
  • 32+ hectares of Vacant and Derelict Land brought back into use
  • 23km+ of pathways constructed
  • Several thousand households with reduced flood risk.


Award Body Result Award Category and Year

Landscape Institute


Local Landscape Planning Award 2016 (Claypits)

Exceling in Place Regeneration 2022 (Claypits)

Excellence in Health & Wellbeing 2022 Claypits)

Landscape Construction 2021 (Sighthill)

Scottish Design Awards


Regeneration category 2018

Canals & Rivers Trust


Living Waterways Award 2018 – Engaging the Community – large scale

The Pineapples


Public Space Award 2022 (Claypits LNR)

The Pineapples


Place in Progress 2021 (Sighthill)

Institution of Civil Engineers & Civil Engineers Contractors' Association Scotland


Greatest Contribution of Scotland 2021

Academy of Urbanism


The Great Place 2023 (Claypits LNR)

Saltire Industrial


Environmental 2018

Other Project Awards



Building with Nature

Full Award and National Award

Queensland Park 2021

Building with Nature

Full Award

Malls Mire 2022

Building with Nature

Policy Award

Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention 2023

Green Infrastructure Infographic - From Grey to Green
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People have opportunities to develop their skills. People love, use and value their green spaces. Space is created for nature. People understand what nature does for them. There is space for outdoor learning and play. People feel happier and better connected with others in the community. Gaps in health and opportunity are reduced. Businesses and jobs are attracted to the area.

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